About Sweelinq

About Sweelinq

From our opinion how virtual pipe organ software should work, a new virtual pipe organ sampler is developed by Orgelmakerij Noorlander: Sweelinq. A sampler, easy to use and ready for the future, and with all the functionalities needed to give an organist the ultimate experience of a pipe organ.

Sweelinq is a pipe organ sampler that is suitable for use on common computer hardware. The software is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. The purpose of this software is to reproduce the sound of a pipe organ as realistically as possible. Within the software it’s possible to load different virtual organs (also called samplesets). When a virtual organ is loaded, it can be played via a connected organ console equipped with MIDI.

Virtual pipe organs
The virtual organs available in Sweelinq are high quality recordings of existing pipe organs. These pipe organs are recorded key by key, voice by voice, close to the organ front. A long (up to 15 seconds) stereo sample is available per key. When the organ is equipped with a tremulant, most stops are also recorded with a tremulant engaged. Furthermore, all tracker noises and blower noise are recorded for a realistic simulation.

The room where the organ is placed is very decisive for the organ sound. The reverb is reproduced by means of impulse responses (IR) and convolution. One or more IR's are recorded close to the organ (front) and one or more IR's are recorded at a distance (rear). By means of these impulse responses, two listening perspectives are created within the software. The ratio between the two perspectives can be set as desired. Furthermore, the reverb can be disabled entirely.

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