Downloads and Instruction

Download the correct version of the Sweelinq beta software for your operating system below. An account is required to use Sweelinq.

We're open to suggestions and criticism. Please use the contact form to leave your feedback.


Software   Samplesets  
Download for Windows
(beta 4, 24-01-2022)

Download sampleset Kam organ Dordrecht (beta 2, 15-12-2021)
Part 1 Part 2

Download for macOS
(beta 4, 16-07-2022)
Download sampleset Bach organ Dordrecht (beta 2, 15-12-2021)
Part 1
Download for Linux
(beta 4, 24-01-2022)
Download sampleset St. Joriskerk Westzaan (beta 1, 09-02-2022)
Part 1
Download the quick start guide here 

Download the release notes document here 


Download bèta

Download bèta